Royale Equestrian Centre will be following COVD-19 Protocols. 

UPDATE:  Temporarily Closed

- Any rider or child exhibiting any cold like symptoms; cough, runny nose, sore throat etc. will be immediately sent home. Please do not attend or send your child if you suspect they are getting sick

-No walk ins or visitors to the farm. 
- No participation for a minimum of 14 days after those who have been travelling.
- No participation for a minimum of 14 days for those living in a household where a family member has travelled or has been ill. Even if no symptoms are present.

- No friends, family members, or visitors allowed. Minors may be accompanied by 1 parent to their lesson. No hanging out before or after your booked time. 

Royale Equestrian Centre is lucky to be mostly an outdoor facility and is at much lower risk than many other public locations such as public transport, grocery stores etc. 

We will be implementing additional precautions that will include:

- Hand washing stations

-Social Distancing in effect

-Wear Gloves
- Disinfectant spray and wipes for door handles, reins etc.
- We recommend also bringing your own hand sanitizer or wipes.
- We recommend that you use your own horse grooming kit and helmet. (These items can be purchased at Decathlon for very reasonable rates. Helmets range from ($25 to $35) Grooming tools $2-$3 each.
- Very Basic Grooming Kits are to include: Hoof Pick, Dandy or Body Brush, and curry comb.
- Staff will be on high alert to watch for signs/symptoms of illness and will be educating children daily on protocol and good hygiene practices.