Meet our Farm Animals 


Born Summer of 2018 Maple is a sweet adorable miniature donkey. Also known as a Jenny.  She loves her daily scratches! 

Harriet & Bullwinkle

Harriet is our most recent addition Harriet is an Hyuca Alpaca.  She very stoic and observant. Willing to come for treats! Harriet is pregnant and expecting a baby Summer 2019. 

Bullwinkle is a shetland sheep. The smallest of she sheep breeds. He will remind you more of a dog wanting to jump up on you and play with you. He's very friendly and will come running full speed when called for treats!

Ying & Yang 

Raised on the farm from 3 days old our two Silkie chickens are very friendly and enjoy chatting up a storm.  Their feathers are very unique and soft feeling more like fur than feathers.