Therapeutic Equestrian Program

Royale Equestrian Centre is thrilled to announce the start of our new Therapeutic Equestrian Program.  We will be offering lessons to people with ADHD, Down Syndrome,  ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), and will consider riders with high functioning disabilities. The lessons will be focused on developing strong social skills, core strength, balance, communication, and patience, while having fun and learning about horses and how to ride. The lessons will be tailored to the students particular needs and will be offered in a safe environment with well trained horses.  

Packages for group homes and organizations are also available. 

Lessons are 30min in length  

Please contact us today to register. [email protected]  Please note not all applications will be accepted. 

Interested in volunteering? Contact us to sign up to assist with the helping to groom. tack up, and lead the horses.

Some other benefits of Hippotherapy  include:
• Relaxing tight muscles 
• Building muscle strength 
• Improving fine motor coordination 
• Sharpening hand/eye coordination 
• Improvements in Posture & Flexibility 
• Improving Communication (improving one’s ability to breathe makes it easier for a person to speak)
• Gaining self-control
• Gaining self-confidence
• Improving concentration 
• Improving concentration (especially for those who have difficulty staying on task with activities)
• Improving socialization (Aspen, 2011) 

Equine therapy gives children with autism a sense of themselves and their bodies while increasing their contact and interaction with the surrounding world. A child’s self confidence will increase once they have formed a sense of competence by learning how to interact and work with their horse.  It should be noted that hippotherapy is not only a therapeutic programme for the autistic population, but has multiple benefits for children, adolescents and adults who suffer from other intellectual or developmental disabilities.